10 top online earning website to make money with no skills

10 top online earning website to make money with no skills

We wish to make some extra money by sitting in our comfort zone and use our leisure time. Here we bring you 10 top online earning website in 2020 to earn money. These are the best website to earn money for students with no skills or having very few skills.

 Many people on the internet are searching for:

  • How to earn money online?
  • How to be rich quick?
  • How to make part-time income?
  • How to make $100 a day?

There is no quick formula to be rich in one day by starting online work. First we need to understand the system and should know how it works. After a lot of effort, you will start to make real money from home.

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1.  Lucidpress –

10 top online earning website to make money with no skills

Lucidpress founded in October 2013 by Lucid Software is a desktop application. We can use it to create brochures, newsletters, cards, magazines, posters, presentations, and flyers. This website is popular among people and over million users are using Lucidpress.

If you are willing to do part time job and have interest in creating digital content than this is a stage for you. Anybody can register a free account and a short tutorial will help you know all the features available in Lucidpress. It is easy to use and has drag and drop features.

Fast and easy content creation is another important feature of Lucidpress. Also, this can be an option of complex applications like Adobe Indesign. 

How we can earn money from Lucidpress?

For those students who are searching for a top online earning website for making part-time income then Lucidpress can be one of them. They can make brochures, cards, presentations, etc. and can post in peopleperhour.com (freelancing site).

2. Superpay.me –

10 top online earning website to make money with no skills

Superpay.me is a trusted online money making website where anybody can earn some money by taking part in surveys and offers. Superpay.me is established in 2012 and have paid over $ 3 million to their members from their verified payments method.

Superpay.me is a legitimate way to earn money from online with free paid surveys. You have to register the account to join which is very easy. After successful registration you will instantly receive $0.20 as a bonus.

Payment options are Paypal. Bitcoin and Skrill and most of the payment is made within 8 hours. There are thousands of new surveys that are available every day. Watching videos, completing paid offers is the task you can do in Superpay.me.  Thus it is the best online earning website especially for students who want to make extra income.

You can exchange your earned points for Tango gift cards at retailers such as Starbucks, Amazon, and more.

3. Voquent –

10 top online earning website to make money with no skills

 Voquent which is based in London is a voice-over agency and audio production company.  Voquent assists in finding voice-over talent in any language and narrators as well. It is a trusted online money making site and anybody can apply for a professional voice-over actor.

Money is paid to you based on the project and its budget. Voice actors can send as many samples as they can and earn up to $5000 a month from their versatile voice.
If you can speak the multilingual language then it is an extra bonus for you. Many companies are searching the right voice to promote their business. Voquent is the right platform where these companies can find voice over actors.

4. Pointsprizes –

10 top online earning website to make money with no skills

Pointsprizes is a legit site where you can earn points and claim the prize. It offers gift cards, coupons by completing paid surveys, and free offers. After gaining enough points you can claim money or free gift cards and can make side money without no great skills.

Pointsprizes is not a scam site as it is eliminating harmful practice of scam and helping users to earn prizes online.

By accomplishing free offers such as app downloads, surveys, and email submit can help you earn points. Once you have gained the points then you can convert them into free gift cards and cash via Paypal or bitcoin.

5. Appen –

10 top online earning website to make money with no skills

 Appen an Australian based company develops training data for machine learning and artificial intelligence.

Appen collects the data to build and continuously improve the innovative AI system. Its reliable training data is providing many organizations in the world the confidence to deploy top-class AI products.

 Students can do online part-time jobs from home by becoming a social media evaluator, search engine analyst, translation, transcription, speech collection, and many more. By having a computer and active social media account you can start working at Appen.

Payment varied depending on the type of project and the average payment is $14 per hour. Payment is made monthly via PayPal or directly to your bank account.

Before starting working on Appen you will be provided training and after the completion of training you will start to earn.

Appen can be the best platform for the rich quick scheme. This is the top online earning website as it pays higher than other websites.

6. Designhill –

10 top online earning website to make money with no skills

Designhill is the platform for professional designers. You can create unique designs and unique products to make extra income from this site.
Designhill has created a large community of 125,000 designers and artists from around 52 countries. Customers can hire unique and best designers to meet their needs.

Designhill is a global marketplace for entrepreneurs to make money easily. Designhill is the largest graphic design market place in the world.

Users can earn make opportunities to earn money from Designhill by participating in different design contests, providing graphic design services, working on client’s design projects, doing tasks that your skills meet, selling readymade logos.

Designhill is the best platform for graphic design which helps to connect graphic designers and business owners in one place.

7. Workana –

10 top online earning website to make money with no skills

Workana is a freelancer site created in 2012 and is connecting the freelancers all over the world with the employers. This is the best online earning website for students from where they can earn money by doing the tasks that they can do. One can find qualified talent from any part of the world and can start working with them. 

Employers can post the project and freelancers can work on the project. Payment is legit and about 2,575457 freelancers are registered till now working on 30,337 projects.

Workana is the best platform to earn money in 2020 for students with any skills they have.

8. Grabpoints –

10 top online earning website to make money with no skills

Grabpoints is a mobile-based application developed in 2014. It is helping users to gain points by watching videos, downloading apps, entering free promo codes, completing surveys and offers. You can earn points by referring to friends.

Grabpoints is a paid website where users can earn cash and gift cards by participating in the above-mentioned tasks. This app is popular among users and is downloaded over 1 million times from google play with a 4.4-star rating.

Grabpoints do payments within 72 business hours and have the ability to cash out for Starbucks, BestBuy, Wal-mart, Amazon, and Paypal. 

You have to complete surveys for different companies and in return they will pay you and you will gain points. If students with no skills want to do an online part-time job without investment then this platform may be useful

9. Crowdsite –

10 top online earning website to make money with no skills

Crowdsite was founded in 2009 as a software development company. Now Crowdsite is a global company and one can earn from this site by doing graphics design, programming, and text writing. It can best option for designers and copywriters.

Is it possible to earn from Crowdsiite?

Yes it is possible to make income from Crowdsite but you have to take part in contests. If the clients appreciate your design than you can make possible income from Crowdsite.
Crowdsite is a platform of more than 68,000 designers, also you can participate in different contests. Web design projects start from $400 and you will receive payment after your work has been approved.
Crowdsite also provides opportunities for app designers. You can also use your talents in designing letterhead, package design, social media design, and many more.

10. Fotolia –

10 top online earning website to make money with no skills

Fotolia which was founded in 2005 is a platform for selling photos that you have captured from your camera. Lots of photographers and illustrators are selling their photos in Fotolia.

If you have an interest in travel than you can make passive income from Fotolia by selling the photos. Fotolia have access to millions of photos, videos, and illustration. This can be the top online earning website for those who want to make their career in photography.

How to get paid through Fotolia?

Fotolia pays through PayPal and Skrill once you have credit over 50. Payment will be received in the form of credit and one credit worth is $1.

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Here we discuss the 10 top online earning websites in 2020 to make passive income. These websites are very useful for students to make side money without any investment. These websites are legit and hope that you will like these earning sites.

Have you ever tried these websites and let me know what is your experience in using these sites? 

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