22 mindblowing google chrome extension to leave your competitors behind

22 mindblowing google chrome extension to leave your competitors behind

22 mindblowing google chrome extension to leave your competitors behind in 2020

Do you want to know some life-changing google chrome extension? Don’t worry I am here to tell you which extensions to use from the chrome web store. 

By installing extensions you can add new features to chrome. This will simplify your work and saves your valuable time. You will always be one step from your competitors. Here I present you  chrome extensions that you should try in 2020:

1. Grammarly google chrome extension – 

Most of us make grammar mistakes which are unforgivable for our readers. If you really, want to improve your grammar and want to improve the reader’s experience then why not use Grammarly.

Grammarly chrome extension gives you the improvement opportunity by showing your mistakes. Grammarly extension provides you the facility of grammar checker, punctuation checker, and proofreader.

So if you want to avoid your grammar mistakes then I highly recommend you use Grammarly chrome.

2. AdBlock –

22 mindblowing google chrome extension to leave your competitors behind adblock chrome extension

Are you irritate by annoying ads in chrome? Then the AdBlock extension will solve your problem. Just add google extension Adblock in chrome and get rid of your problem.

This is the best AdBlock extension available on google I have ever seen. Millions of users have installed AdBlock extension. As it helps to improve your browsing experiences without showing any ads.

3. Save to pocket –

pocket chrome extension

Save to pocket chrome extension helps you to save articles or videos in your pocket account. I am using this amazing extension, to save my researched article and read it later.

Due to its mindblowing feature, Save to pocket chrome extension is favorite among users. Now you don’t have to collect tabs and email links to yourself. With its integration tools, you can schedule posts on various social medial accounts.

4. Awesome screenshot –

awesome-screenshot google chrome extension

We sometimes want to take a screenshot of our web page but we don’t find the right screenshot extension that we are looking for. Therefore, the Awesome screenshot might fit you to take the best screenshot of the entire web page.

Awesome screenshot google extension allows you to capture selected area and visible part of the web page. Another important feature of an Awesome screenshot is you can record activities on your browsers in the form of video. As well as, you can edit the video and make some changes in it.

5. Colorzilla google chrome extension –


Sometimes we like the color used in web pages and want to add exactly the same color on our website. So taking this thing as consideration, Colorzilla was introduced in the chrome web store.

Colorzilla extension has an eyedropper icon for picking color, zoom, and creating custom color palettes. When moving the eyedropper tool into any color you will get the hex code to use in your content and design.

6. Mailtrack  –

Mailtrack google extension is an excellent tool to identify incoming messages and let you know whether the mail sent you is read or not.

Mailtrack extension is an email tracking extension that provides you daily tracking reports, reminders, line tracking, and other features. This is a free extension, so why not try it today.

7. Whatruns –

Whatruns google extension lets you know what technologies are used on any website.  The great thing about this extension is that it notifies you instantly if a website adds or removes new technologies.

There may be many times, that you fell in love with the technologies used on other websites. Then Whatruns is the best google chrome extension to decode the technologies used in any website.

You will get information like the theme, fonts, framework, plugins, programming languages, and many more. I recommend programmers to use this extension for better learning.

8. Hunter –

For busy bloggers searching email from any website is time-consuming. So in this case, Hunter google chrome extension may be useful for you. Hunter is an email finder tool which helps you to give email addresses of the people.

Also, hunter provides you names, phone numbers, job titles, and even social networks. Making a connection is very essential for bloggers to grow their blog large. That’s why email Hunter comes handy.

9. Tag assistant –

If you have not listened about tag assistant extension, then let me introduce you it is a trouble-shooter that analyzes google tags. The Tag assistant tool is very helpful for recording sessions and analyzes tracking tags.

And most importantly, this will notify you if there are any tag errors so that you can make corrections. Another feature is tag assistant recordings which allow you to record a browsing session and produce a report. It also helps to display and troubleshoot the status of google related tags.

10. Mozbar –

Mozbar is a powerful extension for bloggers. This google chrome extension lets you create custom searches, highlight links, keywords.

Also, the Mozbar extension will let you create custom searches, check ranking difficulty. Thus, this is the best tool for bloggers to analyze websites and SERPs.

Higher the domain authority and page authority the more popular is your site. So bloggers, Let’s add Mozbar extensions from the chrome web store and see the result.

11. Seo meta in 1 click –

For easy analysis Seo meta in 1 click plugin provides you important SEO information and all Metadata. This tool is one of my favorite tool which gives you information about title and description length, URL, meta robots.

Besides this, it will show you meta-canonical URL, headers, images with or without alt, links, sitemap.xml, and much more. Seo meta in 1 click is a very handy extension that you should use.

12. Bit.ly –

“Do you use long URL links in your site”?  If you want to shorten your link then Bit.ly extension will be useful for you. By shortening link marketers can share them in their social media account. You will have the option to edit your links and can share and save content if you have a bit.ly account.

Bit.ly will be helpful for you If you are willing to brand your domain and customize your business. Along the way, you can also track real-time stats, and check which social strategies have the most engaging fans.

13. Honey –

Honey chrome extension is a great way to save money as it automatically finds coupon codes and apply during online checkout. Now, you don’t have to pay extra money while shopping if you have installed google extension honey. Honey will search and apply applicable coupon codes to your purchase for you.

You can also get HoneyGold points to be redeemed for gift cards and real money. By just clicking the Honey button in your browser the online stores will show you sales and coupons that they have to offer.

14. Wappalyzer –

Firstly, I want to tell you that Wappalyzer is a chrome extension from which you can download the whole website from your browser. Wappalyzer browser extension helps you to reveal all the technologies used in any website.

Using this extension you will get information about CMS, eCommerce sites, web frameworks, analytics tools, server software, and more.

15. Pingdom google chrome extension –

Well, you mush have listened about Pingdom, which is one of my favorite website speed tools. Pingdom chrome extension helps you to give a brief overview including size analysis, a number of requests per domain, size per domain, etc.

16. Google translate –

Google translate extension helps you to translate any languages to the language that you want. Accordingly, you can get an instant translation of any words by using this extension from the web store. The chrome browser will display an icon on the top-right side of the address bar to translate the page instantly.

17. Keywords everywhere –

If you are a content writer than keywords are important to you that’s where Keywords everywhere become handy. Keywords everywhere chrome extension show you the related keywords every time you enter any keyword in google search.

Whereas, this extension is free. And in the paid version you can see the search volume, cost-per-click and competition for the keyword. I am in love with Keywords everywhere extension and I think you will also love it.

18. Seo minion –

Seo minion browser plugin helps to analyze your website. If you are a blogger or SEO expert then you must try SEO minion extension. This is a free chrome extension which will assist you to do on-page SEO, check broken links.

And more than that, you can highlight internal and external links, check metadata, see your metadata and title in google SERP. You can save your ton of time by using this extension to search keywords.

More features it includes are check broken links, on-page SEO, SERP preview, analyze HTML, etc.

19. Buffer google chrome extension-

Buffer chrome extension is a free social automation tool to automate your social media posts. Buffer extension will help you to schedule your posts at a different time and post it in your social media account. If you have created different groups in social media account then it will automatically post your every single post in social media.

20. Similarweb –

Similarweb extension is similar to the google analytics tool, which will help you to give you all the details about the website. By adding this extension from the chrome web store you will know the number of traffic that the site is generating per month.

And also you get info about traffic source, competitor website. Yes, Similarweb is an absolutely free Chrome extension that will help to increase traffic to your website. You can also upgrade this extension to get more features.

21. Lastpass –

Lastpass is the best tool to manage your all passwords from different accounts. While working professionally we have to make different accounts and set a password for them. So Lastpass can be an option for you to remember your password. To make your transaction faster you can also add your credit and debit card details in LastPass password manager.

22. Tubebuddy –

If you aren’t familiar with the Tubebuddy, then you should instantly add this extension from the chrome web store to know more about it. SEO is a very essential tool to increase traffic for those who make youtube videos.

So this is the best youtube channel optimization tool that you should try. Tubebuddy has both free and premium versions to optimize your youtube videos. This will help you to drive more traffic by getting relevant tags and keywords.

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Above we discuss, the best 22 Google Chrome extension to use in 2020. These extensions are useful for bloggers, digital marketers, web designers, and other professionals. You should try these extensions, as they make your task easy and can save your valuable time.

Have you tried any of these extensions before?  Let me know which one is your favorite google chrome extension?


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