Create a Facebook business account freely with these steps in 2020

Create a Facebook business account freely with these steps in 2020

Facebook is a good platform to grow your business. You can target your audience by having a Facebook page and grow your business. So why not create a Facebook business account that is worthful.

 I will tell you how to create a Facebook business account with step by step process.

Why create a Facebook business account?

In this virtual world, you don’t need a very large office and large employees to create your business empire. 

Technology has so arisen that you can promote your business by using your Facebook business page.

People will know what your business is about. If they get interested in your product then they can purchase your item by going online. 

Also, they can like, share, comment, and put reviews in your business product. 

Thus I suggest you set up Facebook business account to make your business more official and professional. 

You can do these things after you set up your Facebook business account:

  • Can set your business location and map
  • Can put photos and videos related to your business
  • Call to action like shop now, sign up, learn more, send message button
  • Facebook advertisement
  • Link your business website 
  • Read reviews so that you can apply business strategy
  • Socialize
  • Make your own brand
  • Much more.

How to create a Facebook business account?

You should follow these steps to create a business account on Facebook :

1. Create a page 

You should have a personal Facebook account before creating a Facebook business page. In the upper-right section of your Facebook, you will see the create button.

 Click on create. On clicking, you will see various options.

create a facebook business account

 Discard other options and click on the page option.

2.Choose a category

After clicking on the page you will get two option:

  • Business or brand
  • Community or public figure
setup business facebook account

Choose Business or brand option by clicking to get a start.

3. Fill details

Here you can put your page name and you can add a category of your page.

create business account facebook

But remember that you should keep page name and category related to your business.

Along the way, you will get other details to enter after filling the category in the same form.

For further process click on continue.

Now you will get an option in step 1 to put your profile picture and in step 2 to add your cover photo of your business.

how to create facebook business account 

If you have a photo then you can upload here otherwise you can skip this step and upload it later.

I suggest you, put your professional business profile picture and cover photo so that people can trust your business. 

 In step3  you will get a button to add an online booking. If you want to add online booking then you can do it now. Otherwise, you can skip this step.

facebook businesss account

Congratulations, you have successfully created your first new business Facebook account.

You can now invite your friends to like your page to increase your page visibility.

 But sure to add some posts so that audience can engage in your post and don’t forget to put a description of what your business is about.

You will have various options on your Facebook business page like live video, event, offer, and many more.

Post interesting articles so that people can like, share, and comment on your page.

Facebook business account is a good platform to boost your business and meet your goals.

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To conclude, I would say this is the best way to create a Facebook business account. There are various other ways to create a new Facebook account for business.

 I will try to write other articles related to create Facebook business manager account as well as to setup Facebook ad account.

I hope you like the article. If you have any suggestions related to the article and want me to write on any topic you want then you can comment in the comment box below

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