Global SEO Strategy | Ultimate Guide To Double Your Traffic In 2020

Global SEO Strategy | Ultimate Guide To Double Your Traffic In 2020

Want to grow your organic traffic through the best SEO techniques ……? Then you are in the right place. I will tell you some advanced & best global SEO strategy that will increase your ranking & send you free, qualified traffic. 

The basic game of SEO is how to signal the search engines that your content is relevant to the related search. Google updates its search algorithm more than 500 times per year. 

Google has realized when they focus on keywords then the user’s experience distorted. The modern SEO is about how natural keyword usage is. 

Because Google understands that the different keywords have the same meaning. (I.e. three users searching: Best SEO techniques, How to optimize my content on a search engine, Advance search engine optimizing strategy in 2020 wants the same result).

Google is getting smarter in every passing hour – not only at analyzing web pages but also at how effective it is at keeping people within its framework. 

We are not here to discuss URL optimization, heading tags optimization, conical tags, etc. So, here we are to discuss some advanced global SEO strategy which will definitely help you to rank your site or content.

User Experience

user-experience for seo

Modern SEO is all about the user experience. Elements of user experience have been rolled into the search engine optimizing techniques. And, different search engines analyze this factor while ranking the websites.

Google constantly updates its algorithms to provide more relevant results to its user. Their main goal is to satisfy their user, every algorithm or tool they develop has one objective is to get data from users and use it to build a strong search engine which eventually makes them a search engine giant. 

Google has introduced Rank brain & we have seen changes to SERPs. Now Google analyzes dozens of factors while determining which content should rank high on search engine result pages.

Website speed checking

A few years back, Google added website speed as a ranking factor, now your ranking highly depends on your site’s speed. 

Google consider websites with high bounce rate have a poor user experience. A bounce occurs when the user lands on site and leaves without any other interaction this mostly happens when your site has slow speed.

 Do you think Google has made this stuff so complex…..?. Then this is time to pay thanks to Google because they launched a number of SEO tools to help you to improve your sites’ speed.

Engagement Factors

Google’s analysis is that if a user spending more time on a specific site then he or she might be finding it useful.

 Thus, Google wants to provide the best results to its users so, it will push sites with strong engagements up in SERPs. 

You can achieve this by adding some engaging factors to your site:

Mobile Experience

Making  your site mobile friendly is an important factor for improving user’s experience & site ranking.

So, make your site mobile friendly using this technique:

Voice Search

Voice search is one of the most significant & advance feature of search. It is comfortable, easy to access & fast way of searching. People love to use this. And this feature may improve your ranking.

    Here’s why…..?

  • 65% of 25-49 year old’s speak to their voice-enabled devices at least once a day. (PWC, 2018)
  • 62% of those in the U.S. age 12+ use voice-operated assistants. (Edison Research, 2020)

Keyword Usage

Modern SEO is not all about keyword usage but somehow keyword usage is one of the most significant in SEO.

In modern SEO, keyword usage is all about how natural keyword is used in your content – not just stuffing trending keywords in your content. 

Free Background Images

 Primary Keyword

Primary keyword is mainly the topic of your content or in other words it is the ideal phrase which is searched by user. Use your primary key in your content where you think it naturally cooperates.


 Secondary Keyword

Secondary keywords are also called Latent Semantic Indexing (LSI). How will Google find out that your content is complete? 

Google is still a machine…right…?. Google has some listed keywords in their database. So the understanding of Google is: Content which has these keywords on specific topic or explains about it is a complete content on specific topic & these keywords are LSI. 

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As we discussed above Google is becoming smarter every hour so Google now understands the content. 

So this is not necessary to use secondary keywords as it is, the compulsory thing is to discuss the theme of LSI.

How to find out the LSI keyword …..?

Go to the LSI Graph & finds out your best secondary keyword 

Content Quality  

SEO Content is simply a content design according to SEO requirement to rank on search engine. Quality content could be the SEO content & SEO content can rank your website. Let me explain how quality content could be the SEO content.

  • When your content is of high quality then it will generate more CTR & Google consider your CTR as ranking factor.
  •  If your content is of high quality then definitely it will provide a great User Experience & We know User experience is the major to determine your ranking.
  •  Quality content will engage your users.
  •  When you are writing quality content then your keyword selection should be natural.

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SEO Tools

 You can use different SEO tools to rank your website  and apply different global SEO strategy.  Here are some list:

  • Keyword Research Tools
  •  Google keyword planner
  •  Google Trends 
  •  On-page SEO Tools 
  • Rank Checking Tools
  • Analytics Tools

How to create a global SEO strategy?


Final Thoughts

So, we discussed about the global SEO strategy and learned the whole game of SEO. The SEO dynamics are changing; every move of Google is for improving user experience & this could eventually rank your website.      

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