How to earn money from youtube in 2020 (2 different ways)

How to earn money from youtube in 2020 (2 different ways)

Do you make videos? Then, why not make youtube videos by combining those video clips. We will tell you some steps on ”How to earn money from youtube in this article?”

1. Become a youtube partner 

Youtube partner helps you to access multiple income streams. Some of them are Youtube subscription fees, super chat, channel memberships  

Step 1: Create a Youtube Channel –

 Use your Gmail account to create a youtube channel. Creating a youtube account with the Gmail account will help you to access Google products like Gmail and google drive.

Search the less competition keywords so that users can easily find your channel. But make sure your keywords should be relevant to your content.

Step 2:  Add content –

Make videos by merging and editing different clips and upload them. Make sure that your content has a good quality of videos. Also, try to upload your content regularly so that new users can get engage in your video.

Always learn from the comments of your channel visitors. Try to make your recent videos better than the previous video. You can also learn from your competitors.

I suggest you use a better camera and use good editing software. As well as try to learn new techniques to make your channel successful.

Step 3: Grow your channel to meet the Youtube Partner Program requirements –

For effectively joining the program you should have a minimum of 1000 subscribers and 4,000 watch hours in one year time period.

Step 4: Setup your Adsense account –

To ensure that, you earn money from youtube you have to set up an Adsense account associated with your profile.

How to enable monetization to earn money from youtube?

  •  Log into your youtube account
  •  Click the top-right icon in the corner
  •  Click Youtube Studio
  • You will see the dashboard on the left. Click on monetization.
  • Read the youtube partner program terms and click on agree.
  • Now create a new AdSense account or connect an existing AdSense account to your channel.
  • Set your monetization preferences.

2. Become an affiliate marketer –

Another method to earn money from youtube is to be an affiliate marketer. The advantage of being an affiliate marketer is that you will get a special link to the company website which helps to track back your page.

 When people buy any products from the link then you will get commissions from that sales. For earning money through affiliate marketing you don’t need to have any subscribers. 

Steps for joining the affiliate program:

Step 1:  Join an Affiliate Program

You have various options for joining an affiliate program but the popular one is Amazon Associates.

 Amazon affiliate marketing offers you a 10% commission. Some other affiliate programs you may try are Target, BestBuy, CJ Affiliate,  Rakuten Advertising, ShareASale, Impact, and many more.

Step 2:  Reach out to brands –

Connect to those brands that you are interested in promoting their products. Be sure to explain to those companies how they will be benefited by collaborating with you.

Step 3:  Feature the products in your content –

After you make a connection with the selected brands then put those affiliate links to your videos. Promote your products in such a way that your viewers don’t get irritated by watching your videos.

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Above we discussed how to earn money from youtube videos. There are several other options that we will be adding later. These two ways will be sufficient for beginners to make money from youtube.

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