How to make money with photography by selling photos in 2020 (18 ways)

How to make money with photography by selling photos in 2020 (18 ways)

Photography is a passion for those people who want to live freely without any tensions. Some are nature lovers, some are fashion lovers but some are as a whole photography lovers. You can make money with photography by selling them online.

We sometimes click wonderful photos either professionally or unprofessionally and imagine If I was a professional photographer then this photo would earn thousand’s of dollars

But, many people don’t know where to sell and how to sell these photos. Due to this dilemma, many people have to leave their photography passion and do the job that they never want to do.

While talking about photography, you can earn money by selling photos online and live a wonderful and desirable life with your family.

 A good part of photography is that you can visit many places, meet new peoples and give enough time to your family. 

You will enjoy every single day of work at photography. You can’t live without it because you love it and want to die with it.

Here we will discuss some topics as under:

How to make money with photography online?

1. Teach Photography

Millions of people in the world are taking a photography class. If you feel that you have enough skills and can explain to people about photography. Then, you should definitely, make courses related to photography like videos, hard copy, soft copy, and publish it.

Photography Market is very competitive, so it requires a lot of hard work and dedication to stick on it. If you have the ability to teach then you can go online and teach in online classes

Also, you can teach locally. But for that, you should reach to those people who want to take online classes either directly or through social media.

 You can teach in online course platforms like Udemy and Skillshare.

2. Sell photos on stock websites

Stock websites have millions of stock photos on their website. You should start uploading photos on such stock websites. In return, photographers receive a commission and can earn money with photography.

 In order to earn regular money, you should upload fresh and quality photos regularly. Before uploading your photos on the stock website you should register in those sites

iStock, Bigstock, Shutterstock, and Dreamstime are some of the popular stock websites. There is a high demand for photos on these stock websites. But remember only uploading photos will not be sufficient to earn photography money.

 For that, you should be noticed by adding as many relevant keywords in your description. You should consider these things while uploading stock photos.

  • Find a low competition area and high search volume
  • Follow trending photos
  • Upload photos regularly
  • Add as much as a high search keyword to your meta description.
  • Upload high-quality photos regularly.

3. Shoot events –

To make money by photos, Event photography is also a good idea to make extra income. From wedding events to company events there are potential opportunities for professional and skilled photographers.

 Event photography helps you to find you, new clients. The amount of money you earn depends on your reputation and the type of event, client, location, etc. 

To get new clients from event photography it will be better if you have business cards. Thus, it will help to lead your potential future clients to your photography website.

4. Participate in photo contests –

In my opinion, participating in photo contests may help you to earn photography money. It is also a good platform to reach large people who are real photography lovers

If you are lucky enough and have highly skilled photos then this might be a stage that you get a bigger contract. 

This is a great place for you to introduce in the world through a different photo competition. It is not necessary that you win the title of the competition and make money. 

Your focus should be to make good connections and link your website to other external websites.

Here is some photography contest that you can participate in:

Here is another list that you might be interested in

5. Create a blog website

Creating a photography blog website of your own will be a strong photography portfolio for you. With this blog website, you will start to be visible online in google search and can earn more clients worldwide. 

Furthermore, it will be very easy for you to make money with photography as you can attract many readers and can earn money through advertising. To earn from blogging website you should choose a niche in photography like:

  • Art photography
  • Fashion photography
  • Travel photography
  • Tips for photographers
  • Cameras 

How to get started to earn from a blog website?

  • Buy a domain and hosting
  • Install WordPress
  • Install a good theme for blogging
  • Write blog posts related to photography
  • When your sites become visible and you start to gain good traffic then start to place ads on your blog.
  • Start writing reviews about photo products.
  • Do affiliate marketing.

6. Sell photos to magazines –

Selling photos to magazines is not an easy task. It takes a lot of time and patience to publish your photos to magazines. 

If you have good skills in the art of photography and have a good connection then owners of the magazine can accept your photo and publish it.

 In return, you will make money by photography from the magazine. You should make a name in this industry to stick to it. 

Apart from this I highly recommend you target local and regional publications at first before going to the big brand

It also will give you exposure and helps you to make contact with future publications.

7. Sell your print copies online –

If you are a professional or non-professional photographer then there may be some amazing shots that you have taken with your camera. 

And, there may be some people who want to buy those prints then why not sell them to make money with photography.

There are several ways to sell prints online. Just you have to take care of the cost of printing, packing, and shipping. 

You can also sell the photo prints online through a third-party seller.

 Etsy is a great option to sell your prints online as you can price your own photo prints. As well as the site gives you full control of how you want to display your photo to buyers.

Here are some other sites from where you can sell your prints online.

Apart from this, you can sell your prints locally in shops and restaurants by approaching them.

 If I was a photographer then, I would make a website of my own and get 100% profit. But it depends on you whether you sell from others website or from own website.

8. Sell stories of travel photography –

Do you love to travel? Then why not connect your photography and travel hobbies together. 

You will get a chance to travel to different places, countries, learn other cultures, language, meet different people, and learn about their food. 

You can make the full story about your travel. Also, you can connect different videos and photos to make a story

Different magazines, newspapers, and TV are searching for the original content. So, here is a huge opportunity for you to sell your travel content to them by simply editing.

 If you are a blogger then you can sell your article with photographs. For that, you have to be a good storyteller.

 A good storyteller can tell you a whole story from a simple one photo. Don’t worry about where to sell your stories.

 There are lots of people and companies who are searching for travel photographs and stories. Some ways to earn from travel stories and photography are:

  • Magazines and newspaper
  • Selling stories and photographs to travel companies and airlines. 
  • From ads and affiliate links on your blog related to photography
  • From youtube channel
  • Uploading travel footage on stock websites.

9. Do wedding photography –

Most photographers prefer going to wedding ceremonies and do photography. To be honest, I will say this is all in one package because here you can take photographs, videos and create stories.

 It’s a good place to take your photography to the next level. Creativity is required for taking wedding photography as you have to take care of relations, culture, tradition, etc. at a wedding. 

While talking about finance it is a good place to make money with photography. I think I don’t have to mention here about how much the wedding photographer earns from one wedding.

 If your wedding photography business rises up then you can keep an assistant for you. 

A wedding ceremony is one of the happiest moments in the life of a person so tensions are also high to make one of the best videos.

How to get a wedding photography contract?

  • Make a good portfolio.
  • Work as an assistant before you do wedding photography
  • Upload the best video of wedding photography in social media like youtube, Facebook, etc.
  • Make your own wedding-themed website and upload your best videos and photographs.
  • Make a connection with the people.

10.  Sell photos in galleries –

Selling photos in galleries is another way to make money from photography. You will find many galleries online. 

Selling photos in the gallery is worth for your skills to be paid. Many people want their walls in houses, offices, restaurants to be filled with fine photographs. 

We sometimes listen in the news that some photographs are sold in millions of dollars. You can be the next one. 

There is always respect for art and talent. If you have some artful and skillful photographs then you should definitely publish it because people admire such photographs.

How to sell photos in galleries?

  • Do an internet search or find a local gallery near you.
  • Contact the galleries.
  • Offer the galleries to display it for free.
  • Select the type of gallery where the photos is to be displayed.
  • Build a social media presence.
  • Build relationships

11. Be an assistant of other photographers

12. Share your photographs in social media

13. Be a freelancer

14. Online store

15. Newspapers

16. Upload image in free photos sites

17. Photo editing job

18. Travel photography


Which camera is best for photography?

Firstly. before buying a camera you should know what is your need? What type of camera do you want? 

There are different types of photographers and their choices are different based on their requirements. 

If you are upgrading from the mobile camera and now you feel it’s the right time to use the real camera then you should buy a DSLR or mirrorless camera. 

Some of the best camera in 2020 are:

These cameras are best in 2020 to make money from photography.

How do I choose a camera for photography?

Purchasing a professional camera is really a big decision because we want to choose our first purchase the best. 

First, you should decide what type of camera do you want to purchase DSLR or Mirrorless?

 I suggest you to consider these things before buying a camera:

  • Decide how much budget do you want to spend on the camera.
  • Consider how often you will use the camera.
  • Purchase a DSLR camera if you are serious in photography.
  • Select a Point and Shoot camera If you would like to buy cheap cameras.
  • Purchase Mirrorless camera for high-quality images and portability.
  • Ask for recommendations from your friends who are already using professional cameras.
  • See reviews of the camera on the internet.
  • See camera features like zooming capability, sensor sizes, megapixels, build quality, manual controls, image stabilization, lenses, low light photo quality, video quality, etc.

How much money can I earn as a photographer?

How to sell photos online and make money?

How do freelancer photographers make money?

What types of photos sell best?

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There are several other ways to make money with photography. The moral of the story to make money by photos will take time. 

A lot of patience is necessary to be skilled in photography. Invest your time and skills in it.

 Do photography to learn but not for money then you will definitely succeed in this field. Don’t make photography your job make it your passion. 

Comment below if you like this article? Let me know if any of my readers are photographers.

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