Is iPhone giveaway real in 2020? | 4 Legit ways to get free iPhone

Is iPhone giveaway real in 2020? | 4 Legit ways to get free iPhone

There is a trend of a giveaway in the market now. We don’t know these viral giveaways are real or fake. But, we found they have attractive offers and are attracting more people. So this viral topic touched me to write an article about “Is iPhone giveaway real in 2020?”

First of all, we need to understand: 

What is giveaway?

A giveaway is a chance to win a prize for the people in exchange for taking some actions like sharing products on Facebook, making a video for youtube, or finding referrals.

In simple words, the giveaway is a marketing strategy to improve awareness of brands and increase sales.

What is iPhone giveaway?

iPhone giveaway is a free chance to win iPhone without paying a penny. This is like a give and take offer. Generally give means promote the brand or product in social media, share or refer to somebody. We can say this is luck by chance offer for people to get a new iPhone.

Do free iPhone giveaways work?

Sometimes free iPhone giveaways works but many times don’t work. In my study, there is no any free legit iPhone giveaways in the world. 

You must have seen the popping messages on your Whatsapp, Facebook, and Google “Congratulation you have won iPhone”. Later clicking the link they ask you to add your credit card details.

In a big sale if there is an offer to win iPhone then you can win it by lucky draw otherwise not possible to get a free iPhone giveaway.

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Are iPhone giveaways on Facebook real?

If you are talking about the Facebook iPhone giveaways then I must say they are almost fake. They just ask you to share their Facebook page to gain followers and likes. After maximum likes, they sell their pages. They are just spam pages so don’t trust them.

How to get a free iPhone without offers in 2020?

Getting a free iPhone without an offer is very hard to acquire. You know how expensive iPhones are and no one is willing to give you iPhone for free. 

Thus it is a very difficult task to get an iPhone free directly. Nevertheless, there are some ways to get a free iPhone without an offer. 4 Legit ways to get iPhone are:

  • Participate in apple giveaway(Republic Lab)
  • Be a marketing agent to get free iPhone
  • From amazon vine
  • Get free iPhone as the best reviewer

Where to find an iPhone giveaway?

Republic lab is offering free iPhone giveaway for their readers. So grab this chance and try your luck to win a free iPhone.

 Besides these, you can find the iPhone giveaway locally. In my town two telecom giants are offering a free iPhone giveaway “Recharge and win iPhone”. 

In this offer, you have to recharge a certain amount of money in a week. If you recharge that amount in a week then your name will participate in lucky draw. Also, big brands are offering free iPhone giveaways. 

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Where can I promote my giveaways?

Here are some of the sites where you can promote your giveaways freely:

List of some free iPhone giveaway offers:

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What is the benefit of giveaways?

Giveaways can be far more greater than any other form of marketing methods. When done correctly you will get a boost in sales, more customers, email subscribers increase in followers on social media like Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. 

This is the best option to compete in the market by giving free giveaways to your followers.

Final Thoughts

In my opinion, don’t trust all free iPhone giveaways that are available on the internet.  And most importantly, never put your credit card details if some site asks you to do so. They are just a scam site and you will never get money from them instead you will be hacked and lose all the money in your bank account.

If you have any questions regarding to our above topic then please leave a message below in the comment box.

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