An Insight to Proper Landing Page Optimisation in 2020

An Insight to Proper Landing Page Optimisation in 2020

An Insight to Effective Landing Page Optimisation That Can Help Your Business Grow

In order to increase conversions on a webpage, a maximum number of marketers implement a wide range of strategies to stay in top amidst today’s stiff competition. Among the various techniques, landing page optimisation is perhaps one of the crucial things for businesses. This is why any farsighted website content writing provider or individual content developers strive to make the landing pages relevantly optimised.

Definition of landing page optimisation

Landing page optimisation can be defined as the process to increase conversions from audiences who visit the target pages. It can also be defined as the sub-set of CRO (Conversion Rate Optimisation) and consist of techniques like A/B testing.

Fundamental elements influencing landing page optimisation

Here are some ideas by which you can effectively optimise your website’s landing page:

  • Heading and sub-heading

The objective behind headings is not only to sell items or services, instead to establish a connection with the visitors and convince them to avail the same. Hence, your priority must always be to optimise them. Integrate a heading and sub-headings that are attractive enough for visitors to stay on your page and navigate the offerings.

  • Copy

The second important thing for landing page optimisation is to keep draft copies that help to intrigue visitors. Note that the copies must be crisp and concise, and list them with bullet points. Following is an example of a website’s landing page having a superb copy.

  • Image

Images play another vital role in making a visitor stay on a page for a long time. They can easily resonate with the pictures available on the landing page. Always use images that depict your brand, business or offerings.

  • CTA (Call to Action)

CTAs hold power to make a visitor buy your product or avail services. Therefore, CTAs must always be crafted in a manner that it is attractive, impactful and at the same time compelling. Here are some tips you can follow related to CTAs to receive more and more click through rates:

  1. Build a feeling of emergency
  2. Utilise a few words between two and five, but they must be fascinating
  3. In order to make your CTA exceptional, use contrast colours
  4. Use a large font and button graphics
  5. First-person tone
  6. Provide a considerable amount of empty space around the CTA
  • Forms

If your website’s landing page contains a form, make sure that they are placed on the right position. Also, please keep it simple and straightforward, and put questions that are relevant. This enhances the chances of filling them.

  • Social proofing

You can use social proofing in the form of infographics or testimonials representing company names that are connected with your business. Like for instance, if your page is targeted to audiences who are students, it can be fruitful if you provide testimonials from individuals of similar age group.

  • Online chat

Visitors prefer online chats and appreciate the same when they find assistance then and there. This helps in not only building brand trust but also invoke a satisfactory feeling. Take a look at the image below how Intercom utilises online chat sessions to engage a visitor on the landing page.

Moving on next, you can have a glimpse of some common mistakes made while optimising landing pages. Take a look!

  1. Stuffing your landing page with huge paragraphs.
  2. Using a headline that may seem confusing or cannot be comprehended.
  3. Lack of a proper Call to action
  4. Absence of ROI or social proof
  5. Usage of irrelevant images
  6. Improper visual hierarchy

As landing pages are hugely responsible for receiving a considerable number of new leads, they require attention. Hence, proper landing page optimisation is necessary for your brand or business to grow effectively. You can even take the assistance of well-known content writing services for the same.

Author’s Bio: Subhodip Das, a profound content marketing professional, generates content keeping in mind the latest SEO trends and tactics. Having years’ long expertise in this field, he ensures to deliver projects meeting all the criterion of premium quality content

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