How to Resubmit Sitemap to Google in 2020 (Easy Guide)

How to Resubmit Sitemap to Google in 2020 (Easy Guide)

You already know how to submit a Sitemap to Google. But If any situation arises to resubmit Sitemap to google then what you do? I am going to tell you the stepwise process for updating the sitemap.

First of all, it is necessary to know how this situation arose to resubmit sitemap to Google search console. In my case, I had written a blog that was not performing well. In brief, it had good impressions but have not got any clicks. 

This stuff made me worried because it was the only article that had gain maximum impressions but no clicks. Also, it was not found in Google’s top 100 list.

So I had to take a major decision and decided to edit the article and make it 3000 words long article.

I also researched other articles with the same niche from the first pages. As a result, I made massive changes in my article like inserting high-quality images, creating FAQ, making featured snippets, putting a table of contents etc.

Then I published my article with some changes. Still, I had not resubmitted my sitemap to google search console.

Now I was hoping my article would perform great. But it didn’t happen as expected. Hence again, I checked by putting my blog title on google to check what happened. 

Guess what happened, I was surprised to see that the title and description are the same as before. Content and image were only changed but neither the title, description, and URL was changed. 

Then I decided to resubmit my sitemap in google. I have applied two methods here to submit a sitemap in google search console. They are:

Request indexing in google search console

Here are the steps you need to follow:

  • Sign in to google search console using your Google account
  • Select your website domain
  • At the top insert your edited article link in the search bar

  • Check whether the URL is on google or not.
  • Whatever the results come click on request indexing.
  • After you submit and indexed your article, finally click on the Test live URL.

You are done after that and may see changes whatever the problem you have related to your edited article.

If this method doesn’t work for you then follow method 2 because this method worked for me.

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Resubmit sitemap to google search console

Follow these steps to add a new sitemap:

  • Click on sitemaps from the left sidebar in google search console.

  • Delete your existing sitemap ie: sitemap_index.xml
  • Above you will see add a new sitemap box. Enter your sitemap URL ie: sitemap_index.xml and submit it.

After submitting you will surely see some effects in your article ranking.

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FAQs: Frequently Asked Question

1. Do I need to resubmit sitemap to google after editing the article?

No, it is not necessary to resubmit the sitemap every time you made changes to your article.

You just need to update your sitemap with the latest URLs and the google bot will automatically come to your sitemap to collect information through your XML sitemap. 

But if you are facing a problem-related with your article then updating a sitemap to google will not harm your traffic and ranking.

2. Why is it necessary to submit the XML sitemap in google search console?

The answer is simple: XML sitemap makes it easy for Google to crawl your website, understand, and index it properly.

And this is the best practice to submit your blog posts in google search console. XML sitemaps are important for SEO because it allows Google to find your website pages and blog post quickly.

3. What are the Google XML sitemap requirements?

There are different requirements for different CMS. Some of them I am going to mention are:

  • For WordPress, You have to install the Yoast plugin and make XML sitemaps from the features tab.
  • On Wix website, a sitemap is created automatically.  You can find this at
  • Shopify also automatically generates an XML sitemap for you. You can find it at
  • Create a sitemap without cms by using a free version of a screaming frog.
  •  You can also create a sitemap from

4. Are Google sitemap easily accessible?

Yes, you can access google sitemap easily. The sitemap is a list of all the web pages which look like a table of contents. These are the links of pages and blogs that exist on your site. You can see it easily from google search console or from google.

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5. How can I find a sitemap for any website?

Write /sitemap.xml at the end of any domain name to find the site map for any website ( ).

If this doesn’t work write sitemap_index.xml at the end of the domain  ( ).

6. How to delete a sitemap from webmaster tools?

  • Login to google search console.
  • Select your domain name from the top-left.
  • Click on sitemaps from the left sidebar
  • Select any sitemap for eg: sitemap_index.xml
  • You will see 3 dots in the top right. Click on remove sitemap.

  • Sitemap is successfully removed.

Final thoughts

This is all about resubmitting the sitemap to Google. You can do it as well if you feel it is necessary to submit the sitemap again. Otherwise, it is not necessary to submit a sitemap time and again.

What is your experience in updating the sitemap in google search again? Please mention it in the comment.

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